First Match!!!
Here is what I’m thinking about the starters for our first match (details soon) whore, kevin, nikon, kronk, ghetto, and ugly. But this all depends on what happens at our practice. I think that maybe MAD_MAX or Sgt.Bilko could grab one of those spots, or possibly the newest member: lester.

Also I think we should get in one team practice on THURSDAY NIGHT AT 5:00 and at least one scrim on TUESDAY NIGHT b4 our first match, let me know what you guys think…

Also, beware… any member not up to par at our practices may be asked to leave the clan, its not personal but there have been alot of invites given out lately and people wanting to join… And our goal is to have fun… by being the BEST. Also I will be setting up an [ A team — B team ] type of system… this way everyone in the clan will get to play matches.