Архив за месяц: Июль 2001

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  Player -> DarkFriend Gabriel Sanderson DarkFriend Edwardsville.IL CS, EQ, Q3, TFC none Quest CS tournaments is there anything else? email: DarkFriend25@hotmail.com

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  Player -> EightBall Eric Hollinger EightBall, Faenor Troy.IL HLDM, TFC, CS, Q3, RA3, EQ ][nsurrection, En Medias Res, Black Monday none Music, Martial Arts, Gaming eightbal@dok.org

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  Player -> DarkA$$A$$IN_187 Dan Berkel DarkA$$A$$IN_187. Pimp Ofallon.IL CS CS Clan — -=TAF=- none Quest, all day, everyday 🙂 blah


  First Match!!! Here is what I’m thinking about the starters for our first match (details soon) whore, kevin, nikon, kronk, ghetto, and ugly. But this all depends on what happens at our practice. I think that maybe MAD_MAX or Sgt.Bilko could grab one of those spots, or possibly the newest member: lester. Also I think… Читать далее »

Quest Arena — www.questarena.net

3dfx Interactive is a global leader in enabling the emerging age of visual communications, and the 3D multimedia revolution in personal computers and consumer products. With its patented and award-winning graphics accelerator chips, boards and software, 3dfx provides the technology to create high-impact visual experiences. The company also operates www.3dfxgamers.com, the premier online community for… Читать далее »